How to Protect your Adsense Ads from Click Fraud or Click Bombing

Do you have a WordPress website running with AdSense ads? and one day you login into your AdSense account and you will shock because of hundreds of clicks of your ads report, well this is the most common problem of AdSense publishers, Based on my experience click bombing, hacking might not be happened

if your website is new in the internet, when your website is become famous / popular, once your website become popular may malicious person try to attack your site like click fraud or click bombing.

Google Adsense already know this kind of attack already, AdSense does not banned me after this incident, but be responsible to your site, you should do to protect your ads. The earning came from the fraud clicks has not a valid and AdSense will not include as earnings.

In this tutorial we will add AdSense security your ads to protect from bombing fraud click, this protection will be apply only on WordPress Self Hosted website using plugin, and lets start.

Experienced click bombing result:

Page views = 910
Clicks = 610
CPC = $0.05
Estimated earnings = $30.10

When i login on my adsense account i was shock of these clicks, this happened long time ago but this click bombing guys are exists at this time.

At this time, there have two Free WordPress plugin exists can protect from fraud click and click bombing on the WordPress Plugins Directory.

1. AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP)


This plugin has work great, personally i use this to my site, After install this plugin and set up, the click fraud / click bombing goes away.

2. Clickbomb-Protect


I use this plugin Clickbomb Protect when i first encounter click bombing and work fine and without a problem. I decide to switch Google AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP) because it is updated and advance features.

I tested this both and its work great,  its has the same features. In my wordpress site i installed Google AdSense Invalid Click Protector because it is more features than Clickbomb-Protect, both plugin are works the same, its to up to you.

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4 thoughts on “How to Protect your Adsense Ads from Click Fraud or Click Bombing”

  1. Kashyap says:

    Bro, we can also protect our AdSense account by reporting invalid clicks activity to google if our CTR increase more 15% I’m a day.

    1. axl says:

      possible on this plugin, i installed this plugin i did not have invalid clicks activity in my adsense. just try.

      1. Kashyap says:

        Thanks bro really useful plugin

  2. ediko says:

    It seems Adsense Invalid Click Protect plugin has been updated and does not need inputing code into functions.php and wrapping the code around div tags.

    I used it last year on one of my blog but when i try using it on another blog, i did not see that option again.

    Is the option still compulsory?

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