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Setting Up Useful WordPress Jetpack Plugin Fetures

In this video tutorial part from WordPress Tutorial for Beginners in my YouTube channel, i will show you how to set up a Jetpack Plugin by Jetpack Plugin adds a lot of features available in are not available your WordPress self hosted site,

Useful Top WordPress Plugins Must Have in 2018

WordPress by itself is a powerful blogging application, but it has limits of functionality, to get extend more functionally out of WordPress, there are series of plugins you should have to installed, some plugins are alternative solutions, and they cover anything of Search Engine Optimization,

How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress for Free

If you have a new lunch WordPress website / blog, for a few months your site has not a prone for spam comments at first, but once your website became a popular on the internet and your site has a regulars traffics at this  stage

Creating Export CSV using PHP – Simple Script

A comma separated value (CSV) is a common format for exporting and importing data from the mysql database and it is a widely supports of specific web and desktop application for exporting a bunch of data and exporting to the other application, and off course

jQuery Regex Test Example You Should Know

In Web Development, there have forms we need to secure and validate using jQuery Regex or Regular Expression in JavaScript, in some cases are registration form, transaction forms such as valid email, valid postal code, matching strong password and securities.